Code Name: Rock-Viper

Cobra Mountain Trooper

Encased in his non-slip, camo-traction suit and equipped with rocket-assisted, tungsten steel grappling hook and megatensile-strength repelling rope, the Rock-Viper can scale any obstacle to deliver an obliterating barrage of firepower from his missile pack and automatic grenade launcher!

“On the day of their graduation from the training program, candidate Rock-Vipers are dropped from helicopters onto the top of a 500 foot, sheer-sided mesa rock formation. They are outfitted with 250 feet of rope and informed that only 50% will graduate upon completion of this final test. It doesn´t take long for them to figure out the only way they will get down the mesa is to slide down the rope and pray they land in a soft pile of dirt at the bottom!”



Black backpack
Black hook
Black string
Black hose
Tan rifle
Tan gun