Code Name: Laser-Viper

Cobra Laser Trooper

Laser weapons are only effective at relatively short ranges because of the amount of energy lost through atmospheric dissipation. Therefore, a Laser-Viper’s primary function on the battlefield is “target illumination” for H.E.A.T. Vipers and Aero-Vipers. The Laser-Viper places his beam on the target, then squeezes off a heat-seeking, anti-tank missile or guided bomb that “rides” the beam to destroy the target.

“Don’t underestimate the Laser-Vipers. You might get the impression that all they do is shine flashlights and spot targets, but that’s not the case. These guys can sit well outside the range of your weapons and drop a world of hurt down on your head within seconds! If you’re lucky enough to sneak in close to get a shot at them, you’re also close enough for them to make it overly hot for you!”



Silver backpack
Silver controlarm
2 x silver lasers
Silver helmet
2 x black hose