H.E.A.T. Viper

Code Name: H.E.A.T. Viper

Cobra Bazooka Man

The new generation of Cobra anti-tank specialists are equipped with the latest in hyper-kinetic, high-speed, wire-guided, armor-piercing technology. The harness supported launch tube has active heat vents and an infra-red suppressor to cut down detection hazards. The sighting system is fiber-optically linked to the operator´s helmet which contains range-finders, trajectory computers and image intensifiers. This allows the H.E.A.T. Viper to fire his weapon from behind cover under adverse visibility conditions.

“You gotta hand it to these guys. It takes a lot of nerve to squeeze off a hand-held rocket at 60 tons of rolling G.I. Joe armor and sit still while holding the tracker sights on target to guide in the projectile. If he misses with the first shot, there isn´t a G.I. Joe worth his salt who´ll let that poor fool try for seconds! A proverbial world of hurt is gonna hit that Cobra like a ton of bricks!”



Grey backpack
Grey bazooka
Grey hose
6 x grey shells
Black hose