Flak-Viper v2
– Battle Corps

Code Name: Cobra Flak-Viper

Primary Military Speciality: Anti-Aircraft Trooper

Flak-Vipers have a passive, infrared targeting and sighting system built into their helmets. This allows them to fire extremely accurate Tail-Biter missiles at G. I. Joe aircraft with absolute impunity! These are dedicated and motivated troopers. To maintain maximum level of effectiveness, Flak-Vipers spend long hours every day practicing simulated missile engagements using a program cartridge that plugs into their helmets. It would be like playing a portable video game for 10 hours straight! These guys get a kick out of roaming the battlefield in the Cobra Parasite while “picking off” incoming enemy aircraft.

“We could positively max-out our high score if only we had Turbo-Joystick Controllers!”




Orange rifle
2x orange missiles
Green/Orange missile launcher