Code Name: Astro-Viper


Satellite surveillance technology is absolutely vital to modern military intelligence. Intricate tracking satellites must be maintained and repaired on site and as Cobra´s network of “eyes-in-the-sky” grows older, more and more repairs are needed, necessitating more technicians capable of withstanding repeated high-G launchings and enduring long terms in orbit.

“Cobranauts are recruited from the ranks of the Strato-Vipers; those Night-Raven pilots, who are naturally and artificially conditioned for high altitude flying and high-G manoeuvering. Cobranauts pilot the launch and recovery vehicles, man the orbital stations and do the satellite repair work. They like it up there where it´s cold and dark.”



Grey helmet
Silver backpack
2 x silver controlarms
2 x silver lasers
2 x black hose