Snow Serpent

Code Name: Snow Serpent

Cobra Polar Assault

File Name: Classified

Primary Military Speciality: Arctic Operations

Secondary Military Speciality: Infantry

Birthplace: Various Countries

Snow Serpents are the Arctic Specialist branch of the Eels (Cobra Frogmen). They must undergo the same rigorous training program as the Eels with the addition of a six month cold weather course somewhere above the Arctic Circle. Other aspects of their training include airborne operations (under arctic conditions), anti-tank procedures and the use of snow-shoes, skis and kayaks.

“If the Eels are the elite of Cobra’s naval branch, then the Snow Serpents are the best of the best. How else could you characterize an individual who would parachute onto an ice floe in sub-zero temperatures and then be prepared to march 50 miles with full field pack, assault rifle and anti-tank weapon?”



White backpack
2 x white snowshoes
Grey missile
Grey missile stand
Grey rifle
Blue parachute