Code Name: Range-Viper

Cobra Wilderness Troopers

Range-Vipers are usually committed to long-term operations deep within unfriendly territory, completely cut off from communications or supplies. They have an unusually high tolerance for discomfort and can survive on a diet of snakes, grubs, roots, berries, buts and whatever slow rodents they can catch. They are expected to build their shelters out of indigenous materials, usually rocks and mud, and procure their own ammonition by way of hit and run raids on enemy ammo depots.

“Range-Vipers are favorites of the Cobra High Command since they are so inexpensive to sustain. Once they´re in the field, they don´t cost anything to feed, clothe and arm. Range-Vipers don´t care who they shoot, as long as they shoot at someone or something! That´s why the Cobra High Command makes sure they stay out of the bush. “



Grey backpack
Grey missile launcer
Grey missile
Black hose
Black knife
Black grenade rifle
Black grenade drum