Code Name: Incinerators

Cobra Flamethrowers

Vehicle Proficienty: Cobra Grade 6.

Licensed to operate: Rage and Piranha.

Incinerators are flame-weapon and arson specialists of the Cobra Legions. They are equipped with state-of-the-art fluorocarbon propellant flame projectors, which not only spew burning streams of jellied gasoline, but also destroy the ozone layer! Encased from head to foot in fire-resistant, air-conditioned fighting suits, Incinerators can take the heat as well as they can dish it out!

“G.I. Joes who have confronted Incinerators in the field report that if the wind is right, you can smell them – a purgent whiff of gas, charcoal and hot metal. You can also hear the gas sloshing in their tanks, and the metallic scraping sound of their spark igniters is a clear warning to take cover.”



Black backpack
Black hose
Silver flamethrower
Silver catapult
2 x orange balls