Eels v2

Code Name: Eel

Cobra Underwater Demolitions

Vehicle Speciality: Cobra Rat Pilot

The Cobra underwater demolitions specialists have come a long way since the days when they were trained in shark-infested waters to prove their worth. Eels must now be proficient with sophisticated electronic detection gear, the latest in plastic explosives, and state-of-the-art closed circuit self-contained breathing systems. Of course, failure to pass the high-tech courses could result in a disciplinary dip in the shark tank – and we´re not talking about the mechanical sharks. We´re talking about the real, live, hungry ones! Eels are also outfitted with razor sharp fins on their suits so they can rip through the thickest hulls.

“We´re the soggy saboteurs of the sea, we´re Cobra Eels, we´re wet and wild!”



2x Silver flippers
Yellow harpoon
Yellow trident gun
Silver shark
Silver shark tail
Silver shark head