Crimson Guard Immortal

Code Name: Crimson Guard Immortal

Cobra Elite Trooper

Vehicle Proficiency: Cobra Grade 8.
Licensed to operate: All Cobra land and air vehicles., including Hammerhead and Hurricane.

Crimson Guard Immortals are fanatical super soldiers who swear a fearsome oath of absolute obedience to Cobra Commander. Advanced weapons´ systems marksmen and martial arts experts, they are the most formidable fighters in the Cobra Legions. A “Seigie” (CG), when not serving as a personal bodyguard to the Head Snake, is involved in covert operations around the country under deep cover, assuming an apparently normal occupation and frequently running for public office.

“The Immortals are lawyers or accountants who pump iron, wear body armor and carry big guns. What they can´t get by stomping and shooting, they´ll get by suing and auditing.”



Black backpack
Black missile launcher
Black machinegun
6 x black missiles
Black ammo belt