Crimson Guard Commander
– Battle Corps

Code Name: Crimson Guard Commander

Cobra Elite Trooper

Vehicle Proficiency: Licensed to operate all Cobra land and air vehicles, including the Detonator and Ice Snake.

Crimson Guard Commanders are good at what they do, there´s no denying that. Even Duke admits they are some of the toughest Cobra soldiers he´s ever had the displeasure of dealing with, especially when they are armed with their weapon of choice: modified AK-47 laser assault rifles! They´re very good at being very bad, and have participated at all levels of Cobra operations from industrial espionage to full-scale global attacks. Cobra Commander considers them his top officers, and feels safe having them swear their allegiance strictly to him. For if they were to ever turn against him, they would prove to be his second most feared enemy, next to the Joes of course!

“Being the best in Cobra means being the worst in the world!”



Black rifle
Black flamethrower
Black machinegun
Black laser rifle
Yellow missile launcher
2x black missiles