T.A.R.G.A.T. v2
– Star Brigade

Code Name: T.A.R.G.A.T.

Trans Atmospheric Rapid Global Assault Trooper

These terror troopers are deployed into orbit from Cobra Invaders wearing specialized, self-contained space suits. The suits contain ceramic composite heat shielding armor that provides coolant safety during atmospheric re-entry. When two or three of them return to Earth at the same time, they are often mistaken for a meteor shower – until they start shooting like typical Cobra terrorists! They are considered to be formidable battle opponents with exceptional firepower capabilities, so next time you see a meteor shower, it might be a good idea to stand beside a G.I. Joe…just in case.

“If you think sky diving to Earth from a plane is dangerous, try doing it from a Cobra Invader orbiting the moon!”



Purple face shield
Pink laser gun
Pink submachine gun
Pink rifle
Red missile launcher
2 x pink missiles