Destro v4
– Star Brigade

Code Name: Destro

Cobra-Tech Commander

File Name: Destro, James McCullen

Primary Military Speciality: Cyber-Tech Weapons Dealer

Secondary Military Speciality: Weapons Manufacturing and Supply

Birthplace: Callander, Scotland

From his new armor-plated space fortress guarded by Cobra B.A.A.T.´s, Destro builds and peddles his galatic instruments of destruction! Destro has always been G. I. Joe´s worst enemy, next to Cobra Commander of course, but now that he selss his own Robotic Battle Armor space suits made from designs he stole during a raid on a G. I. Joe science lab, he´s more dangerous than ever! (The G. I. Joe scientist who developed the plans was nearly destroyed during Destro´s raid, but was brought back to life as Robo-J.O.E.!) The dark and desolate dangers of space create a mysterious battlefield where only the strongest and bravest survive – so Destro´s days are surely numbered!

“Someday the Earth will bow at my feet, and I´ll drop kick it like a football!”



Silver submachine gun
Silver knife
Silver lasergun
Clear/black helmet
2x Silver missiles
Silver laser rifle
Silver machinegun