Cobra B.A.A.T
– Star Brigade

Code Name: Cobra B.A.A.T.

Battle Armored Android Trooper

B.A.T.s (the original Battle Android Troopers) were totally artificial robotic troopers with primitive logic circuits. They could absorb enormous amounts of battle damage and still continue their missions as long as their trigger-finger circuit were intact. Now the new B.A.A.T.´s have been re-designed with less intelligence than before because their circuits have been modified for weapons and assault capabilities only. Battle destruction and elimination of G. I. Joe forces were the only orders programmed into the circuitry of these walking space tanks. The B.A.A.T.´s are so brainless and trigger happy that they can become confused during space battles and fire at anything that moves – including other B.A.A.T.´s!

“Take a bulldozer, strap a few missiles launchers and assault rifles to it and you´ve got yourself a B.A.A.T.!”




Yellow laser rifle
Yellow laser gun
Yellow machinegun
Yellow submachine gun
2x yellow missiles
Red missile launcher