Astro Viper v2
– Star Brigade

Code Name: Astro Viper


Among Cobra´s vast array of specialized infantry troopers, the only ones qualified – besides Cobra T.A.R.G.A.T.´s – for duty in the dangerous voids of space are the Astro Vipers. They are the only soldiers capable of withstanding repeated G-force launchings and extensive tours of duty orbiting distant planets. They were recruited from the ranks of the Strato-Vipers, who are naturally and artificially conditioned for high-altitude flying and G-force maneuvering. Cobra Commander knew he could count on these Vipers not only because of their specialized training and abilities, but also because they are exceptional ruthless in battle.

“The solar system is only big enough for one ruling power: COBRA!”



Black/Green helmet
Orange rifle
Orange machinegun
Orange knife
Gold missile launcher
2 x orange missiles