Viper v3
– Sonic Fighters

Code Name: Viper

Cobra Infantryman

Vipers are the grunts of the Cobra Legions. If there’s a dirty job that needs doing, these guys are first in line. Vipers did all of the field testing on the Cobra-built, knock-off imitations of G.I. Joe’s sonic weapons, which in itself should have earned each and every one of them the Cobra Medal of Villainous Valor with Bronze Serpent Clusters, considering how easy it was for these shoddy copies to self-destruct when fired. Outfitted with multi-layered body armor and wrap-around acrylic/composite helmets with built-in RTO* gear, Vipers are now armed with multi-burst laser pistols, 5.56 Colt Commando Rifles, 60mm surface-to-surface grenade launchers and standard issue 9mm Cobra service pistols.

* Radio Telecommunications

“When you know the equipment you’re carrying could jam or explode at any minute, you get a little edgy. Especially when hand-to-hand combat is the only safe way to neutralize hostile forces. Sure these guys were tough fighters before, but now, they’re unbelievable!”




Gold backpack
Gold mortar
Gold mortar mount
Gold mortar tripod
Gold submachine gun
Gold pistol
Gold laser pistol (not shown)