Road Pig v2
– Cobra Super Sonic Fighters

Code Name: Road Pig


File Name: Deluca, Donald

Birthplace: Goblu, Michigan

The only Dreadnok to have ever gone through a probationary period, Road Pig is extremely obnoxious even by Dreadnok standards. This guy pushes the needle to red on the evil meter. I mean, we´re talking low on the food chain and high on the nasty list. No one knows for sure how Road Pig obtained his innercooled incendiary burst flamethrower, and .45in XM1919A10 fully automatic blowback machine gun. Suffice it to say, the guy he “borrowed” them from isn´t around to talk about it anymore.

“Gross. You could say that. Road Pig doesn´t drink orange soda and eat nutritious and yummy chocolate covered donuts like the other Dreadnoks. He subsists entirely on a diet of barbecue-flavored fried pork rinds, fast food burritos, frozen corn dogs and stale baseball card bubble gum. Once a year, when he brushes his teeth, he has to use industrial tub cleaner instead of toothpaste.”



Orange flamethrower
Orange machine gun
Orange shoulder pads
Green backpack