Major Bludd v2
– Cobra Super Sonic Fighters

Code Name: Major Bludd


File Name: Bludd, Sebastian

Primary Military Speciality: Terrorisme, assassination and process serving.

Birthplace: Sydney, Australia

Rock´n´Roll is one of the original G. I. Joe team members, and still the one to call on when a high volume of suppressive firepower is the order of business. A former band member back in Malibu, Rock´n´Roll still has an affinity for loud noises, particularly British heavy metal. To show his appreciation, he carries at least two British Army issue weapons with him at all times. Years of hanging ten in the surf and pumping iron have also given him the speed of a jackrabbit and the strength of a raging bull.

“Major Bludd writes really bad poetry. Rhymes that get rejected by PRISON newsletters, limericks that miss the beat, haiku with sixteen syllables and free form couplets about assault rifles and bayonet lugs. Those who have received manuscripts from Major Bludd would have preferred letter bombs…”

Armaments: Weapons-Jamming Sonic Disruptor Cannon, and Multi-Burst Pom-Pom Laser Rifle.

Weapons Qualification: Sharpshooter




Yellow rifle
Silver Disruptor w/muzzle
Grey backpack