Lampreys v2
– Sonic Fighters

Code Name: Lampreys

Amphibious Assault Troopers

Lampreys protect and defend all of Cobra´s coastal and underwater outposts, including Cobra Island. Because of their vital importance in the Cobra legions, each soldier is hand-picked, highly trained and formidably equipped. Armed with rapid recycling squad laser weapons that fire short, high intensity laser bursts and fuse conventional enemy weapons in milli-seconds. Lampreys also carry armor piercing laser pistols for close range combat situations. Because a laser weapon´s firepower is limited in duration, Lampreys are also issued 9mm pistols with built-in spotlights and 9mm submachine guns that have been specially modified for amphibious operations.

“Let´s face it, a G.I. Joe submarine can usually outshoot and outmaneuver anything in the water. But if a squad of Lampreys uses its lasers to fuse the gun barrels and seal the torpedo hatches, that boat hasn´t got a chance. It makes you wonder who´s really got the advantage.”



Black backpack
Black rifle
Black sniper rifle
Black gun
Black submachine gun