– Mega-Marines

Code Name: Mega-Vipers

Mega-Monster Trainers

Primary Military Speciality: Mega-Monster Trainers/Handlers

Secondary Military Speciality: Bio-Military Technicians

Mega-Vipers are the driving force behind the Cobra Mega-Monsters, and they go right into the thick of battle with the Monsters to prove it. There´s not much out there that´s more terrifying than a bunch of highly trained Mega-Vipers charging at you with a few Mega-Monsters by their sides…talk about a wave of destruction! Although intelligence commands for the Monsters are issued by Dr. Mindbender or through his Cyber-Vipers, it´s the skilled tactics and “fight to the finish” attitude of the Mega-Vipers that lead the Monsters on their attack missions. Doing the dirty work, with or without the Mega-Monsters, is what the Mega-Vipers do best!

“Getting Mega-Monsters to fight is easy, just yell FEEDING TIME!”



Yellow rifle
Yellow flamethrower
Yellow machinegun
Yellow lasergun
Pink missile launcher
2x yellow missiles