Royal Guard – Cobra-La

Code Name: Royal Guard

Cobra-La Team

Bred and surgically enhanced for size, strength and endurance, the Royal Guards of Cobra-La are responsible for the personal protection of Golobulus, supreme ruler of the hidden valley and last descendant of the serpent kings. Encased from head to foot in organic insectoid armor, Cobra-La are impervious to any ordnance up to a High-Explosive-Anti-Tank round. Although formidable in battle, the guards tend to be tactically unimaginative and are relatively useless without close supervision.

“There was an attempted coup in Cobra-La around the time when the Emperor Hadrian was building his wall. Five hundred irate noblemen stormed the inner sanctum of Golobulus┬┤ summer palace and were confronted by just twenty guards. Golobulus slept through the entire incident. One guard was slightly wounded. Of the five hundred noblemen, there were no survivors.”



Silver sword
Grey pistol
Red antenna