Code Name: Night-Creeper

Cobra Ninja

Captured Cobra documents revealed the existence of a contract between Cobra Commander and a syndicate of high-tech Ninjas. It is believed that these so-called Night-Creepers have been given the task of conducting all field intelligence and covert operations for Cobra! All investigations into the structure and origin of the Night-Creepers have run into dead ends, or resulted in the mysterious disappearance of the investigators.

“All evidence seems to indicate that the Night-Creepers have the drive and scruples of a Wall Street stock manipulator, the lethal skills of a master martial artist, and the stealthy talents of a cat burglar. To make matters worse, they´re backed by the latest and most sophisticated anti-detection and weapons technology in the world! It´s as if Attila the Hun had a black belt, an MBA, and was armed with lasers!”



Maroon backpack
Black crossbow
Black barbed sword
Black kris sword