– Battle Corps

Code Name: Gristle

Urban Crime Commander

File Name: Rogers, Danimal J.

Birthplace: Montego Bay, Jamaica

When you think of grease, slime and dirt, you are basically thinking about Gristle. Not only is he a corrupt crime boss, his personal hygiene is absolutely disgusting. During the months he spent training to be in the Headhunters, he didn´t bother to shower once! But because he was big and bad, he became the right-hand man to some major crime lords who operated illegal warehouses disguised as legimate comedy clubs. Eventually Gristle started his own criminal activities and then joined up with Cobra, but even those snakes admit he´s just too grungy to deal with. Gristle is easily recognized by his blood-shot eyes, or by the sunglasses he uses to shield them from the daylight.

“I go crazy when those G. I. Joes come after me, they just keep chasing, and chasing, and chasing…”



Red rifle
Red gun
Red knife
Yellow missile launcher
2x red missiles