Dr. Mindbender v2
– Battle Corps

Code Name: Dr. Mindbender

Master Of Mind Control


Dr. Mindbender was at one time an excellent orthodontist and a very kind and honest man. His personality was dramatically altered when he experiemented on himself with electronic brainwave stimulation. He changed into an egotistical madman filled with hatred and deceit! Even Cobra Commander disliked him and buried him in a tanker deep beneath a volcano on Cobra Island. After bionically enhancing his badly damaged body with various machine parts, he barely escaped with his life. He eventually proved himself worthy of Cobra Commander and re-enlisted as a member of Cobra.

“I get real CHARGE out of shocking G. I. Joe!”




Yellow rifle
Yellow lasergun
Yellow submachine gun
Yellow machinegun
Yellow knife
Yellow lasergun
Purple missile launcher
Yellow missile