Cobra Commander v4

Code Name: Cobra Commander

Cobra Leader

Totally ruthless and utterly devoid of conscience, Cobra Commander wants nothing less than to completely dominate the world through terrorism, social tyranny, and economic slavery! He is basically an ingenious hustler and junk-bond salesman with visions of grandeur, backed by legions of Cobra Vipers, a small air force and navy. A stickler for detail, Cobra Commander keeps track of his most remote Vipers with his radio-controlled, buzz-bomb, flying surveillance weapon equipped with wide-scan view monitor and thermal image enhancements.

“Most dictators and would-be Napoleon types are hampered by the need to pretend that they are pursuing a noble and just cause. Cobra Commander doesn’t have that problem. This guy’s in it for the money and the power, and if anybody else is interested in these things, he can pick up an assault rifle and get in line behind him!”




Gold machinegun
Orange/blue glider
Blue/Orange launcher
Orange bipod