Cobra Commander v3

Code Name: Cobra Commander

With Battle Armour

File Name: Classified

Cobra Commander like to be up front in the thick of the action when his Vipers, Eels and Siegies confront Action Force. To protect their leader in the heat of battle, the best technical minds of Destro´s armament factory created a special suit of body armour that combines flexible bullet-proof polymer fabrics with beryllium steel place components. The entire suit is air-conditioned, solvent-resistant and ray-shielded. The helmet is fitted with an integral commo-system, internal read-outs for environmental quality and a miniaturised computer display.

“At least we don´t have to worry about Cobra outfitting whole units with these suits. Each one costs about as much as a jet fighter! The plate parts can withstand a direct hit from a heavy machine-gun and the flexible parts will stop anything up to a .357 Magnum. We suspect that the helmet has an anti-tamper device with a direct hook-up to a half-pound of plastic explosive!”



Silver backpack
Black pistol
Black tube