Big Boa

Code Name: Big Boa

Cobra Trainer

File Name: Unknown

Cobra Troopers can be an unruly bunch at times. They aren´t motivated by patriotism, unit loyalty, honour or sense of duty. It takes a brutal, unfeeling taskmaster to whip them into fighting trim and Big Boa fits the bill to a tee. He has a voice like a bullhorn, fists the size of frozen turkeys and the dispostition of a bear with a sore head.

“Big Boa kicks open the Cobra barracks door at 0500 and makes everyone do a low crawl up the mountain while pushing a bowling ball with their noses. Then, it´s a twenty mile run through the bramble thickets, more push-ups than you want to know about, and a two mile swim upstream with flak jacket and helmet. After breakfast he starts on the HARD stuff!”



Brown/black punchingbag
Black platform
2 x red boxing gloves
Silver tube