Toxo-Viper v2
– Eco-Warriors

Code Name: Cobra Toxo-Viper

Hostile Environment Trooper

The original Cobra Toxo-Vipers were disparagingly referred to within the ranks as the “Leaky Suit Brigade”, and assignment to them was considered severe punishment. The new Toxo-Vipers sport top quality state-of-the-art equipment, greatly increasing their survival ratio, but they still have to deal with intensely toxic sludge and horrible noxious gases as part of their normal tour of duty.

“Toxo-Vipers have the bad attitudes of permanent latrine orderlies. They don´t want to be there, they don´t like what they´re doing, and they know they´re stuck because nobody else will do it. Toxo-Vipers have a grudge against the whole world, and the only thing that makes them feel better is to make the world a nastier place for you to live in.”



Purple gun
Green cannon
Black plunge
Purple backpack