Sludge Viper
– Eco-Warriors

Code Name: Sludge Viper

Cobra Hazardous Waste Viper

The Sludge Viper never runs out of ammo, since his sludge gun has a built-in decomposition accelerator which can create toxic sludge out of whatever is at hand, and propel it at lethal velocities with the noxious methan gases given off by the decomposition process. The sludge gun features a laser range finder, third generation image intensifier optics and a phased magnetic array, sludge guidance system.

“The last thing you want to get hit with is a full load of weapons-grade sludge travelling at high velocity. Even if you´re sporting an armored solvent-resistant, hostile environment suit, this stuff will still knock you down and commence to dissolve you. Your only defence against the Sludge Viper is to try to hit his sludge gun, hopefully splattering him with his own sludge because the stuff is just as dangerous to HIM as it is to US!”



Purple gun
Purple cannon
Orange plunge
Purple backpack