Code Name: W.O.R.M.S.*

Maggot Driver

* Weapons Ordnance Rugged Machine Specialist

W.O.R.M.S. are self-propelled artillery specialists of the Cobra ground forces and are cross-trained within their blanket specialty. Any single W.O.R.M.S can man any position on a Maggot, be it driver, gunner, loader or diesel mechanic. Under optimum conditions, a Maggot is manned by a crew of four; commander, driver, gunner and loader, under battle condtions, it is possible for a Maggot to stay in action, maintaining fire capability with its crew reduced to two.

“A battery of Maggots can recieve target information from a central fire control vehicle and is capable of firing guided and brilliant munitions, some of which are ECM** resistant, fire-and-forget, self-targetting proximity fuzed HEAT*** rounds. A Maggot’s crew doesn’t have to think too hard, which is why the only requirement for being a W.O.R.M.S is the ability to walk while holding a bogie wheel under one arm and a 155mm shell under the other.”

** Electronic Counter Measures
*** High Explosive Anti-Tank



Brown helmet
Brown antenna