Track Viper

Code Name: Track Viper

H.I.S.S. II Driver

The H.I.S.S. II is the modernized version of Cobra’s main battle tank. It features an enhanced troop carrying capability and a laser range-finder integrated with a computerized fire-control system. Protected by layers of composite and reactive armor, the Track Viper can single-handedly, drive the vehicle, lock onto targets, and operate the weapons system all within a climate controlled cockpit that affords excellent 360° visibility through a bullet-proof acrylic windshield.

“Members of the Viper corps and other Cobra troopers like to joke that the Track Vipers are recruited from Cobra personnel who are too clumsy or too slow to survive in the infantry. Although they tend to be large and muscular, Track Vipers are the perfect size for driving the H.I.S.S. II! They have to be that big, ’cause no one else is going to retread the track after it has been hit by a mortar round!”



Black pistol