Code Name: Strato-Viper

Cobra Night Raven S3P Pilot

The best secret agents in the world work for private corporations as industrial spies simply because “big business” pays better than any government. Cobra can attract some of the best pilots from around the globe to join the air wing of the Cobra Legions, known as the Air-Vipers, by doubling and tripling their salaries. Air-Vipers are formidable opponents but the Strato-Vipers are the “créme de la créme”.

“To qualify as a Strato-Viper, a candidate must first be an Air-Viper with 1,500 hours logged in flight time. He must have a fixed-wing rating up to four engines, combat experience, an impeccable security clearance, and be willing to undergo the surgical procedure necessary to make him more resistant to hypoxia, hyperventilation and other de-compression sicknesses that can affect a pilot above Armstrong´s line (63,000 feet).”



No Accessories