Code Name: Secto-Viper

Cobra Bugg Driver

Formed as a dedicated unit to patrol the shoreline of Cobra Island, Secto-Vipers are unique specialists in amphibious operations and marine surveillance. Every Secto-Viper is assigned a specific sector of shoreline and is required to know every square inch of it as well as the topology of the ocean floor that abuts it!. They are throroughly familiar with every amphibious landing craft currently in use by the armed forces of the world and can recite by rote their “soft” points and areas of vulnerability.

“Secto-Vipers are too conscientious. They´re always speeding over the dunes or creeping about under the surf. Off-duty Cobra personnel can´t spread a towel on the beach to catch some rays without being reduced by an overzealous Secto-Viper looking to make brownie points with his superiors. Not the greatest thing in the world for morale!”



Transparent helmet
Black pistol