Sea Slug

Code Name: Sea Slug

Sea Ray Navigator

Sea Slugs are chosen from the ranks of Eels (Cobra Frogmen). As such, they are qualified in underwater demolitions, small boat tactics and a wide range of Sonar gear. Specialized Sea Slug training concentrates on the use of the Sea Ray Tactical Submersible and its variants. The three phases of Sea Ray training are: river sand ports, deep ocean, and Arctic. The training cadre expects a 35% rate during the Arctic phase.

“The Sea Ray is coated with a rubberized damper that sends back an extremely indistinct ´bounce´ on all known Sonars. It is also equipped with a noise generator that can mimic the sounds produced by a humped-back whale. It has almost no heat signature and sits low in the water when on the surface. In other words, they are very hard to detect and once you´ve found them, you have to deal with the Sea Slugs that man them!”



Silver pistol