Rip It

Code Name: Rip It

Heavy Equipment Operator

File Name: Booth, Fredd T. III

Primary Military Speciality: Heavy Equipment Operator

Birthplace: Fall River, MA

Branch: Cobra Operative

Mean and fearless doesn’t begin to describe Rip It. This guy knows only one thing … destroy or be destroyed, and he obviously lives for the former. Generally one to carry out orders, Rip It sometimes takes matters into his own hands by using the H.I.S.S. III to wage private battles of his own against G.I. Joe. Oddly enough, as part of his H.I.S.S. training, Rip It was required to master the game of golf. Through the strategies and movements of the game, with its winding courses and natural obstacles, Rip It learned how to analyze and negotiate a wide variety of similar battlefield problems. Cobra’s only concern is when Rip It loses his patience – and temper – during training maneuvers and wraps his clubs around fellow trainees’ necks. Lucky for the pros, Rip It won’t be hitting the links on tour any time soon.




No Accessories