Code Name: Nitro-Viper

File Name: Identities Unknown

Primary Military Speciality: Detonator Driver

Secondary Military Speciality: Demolition Expert

Cobra Detonators are the new elite tanks of the Cobra armed forces. They feature the latest in laser targeting, computerized global positioning, and smart missile technology, conceived in Destro┬┤s armaments factories. The competition amon Track-Vipers to become operators of the Detonator is intense. Prospective Nitro-Vipers are required to exhibit their ruthlessness by blowing up video game arcades and amusement parks. Nitro-Vipers enjoy blowing things up so much that other Cobra Troopers and Vipers give them a wide berth.

“If it stands we can knock it down!”


Figure was originally not released with filecard, but in 1994 a fan (Michael Livanos) created the one below which was “sanctioned” by Hasbro.



Black pistol