Night Vulture
– Air Commandos

Code Name: Night Vulture

Air Recon Trooper

Night Vultures are the airborne covert insertion and recon specialists of the Cobra legions. Given no formal training, the candidates for the Night Vultures’ programme are dropped with their gliders from transports over shark-infested waters at least five miles from land. Whoever makes it back is awarded the Night Vulture badge and gets to keep the personal effects of the “drop-outs!”

“Every badge-wearing Night Vulture knows that he can coax at least five miles out of his glider and that he has a will to survive. This makes them extremely efficient as recon scouts since they can glide silently at extended ranges and be careful enough not to get caught. Their worth as covert insertion troops is in doubt because they might be smart enough to fly in the opposite direction of the mission is to dangerous…”



Purple crossbow