Motor Viper

Code Name: Motor Viper

Cobra STUN Pilot

The Motor Viper Corps attracts the type of individual who, without the benefit of an education and ambition, might have joined the Dreadnoks. The Cobra Recon and Perimeter Defence Forces are disciplined, efficient, and highly motivated in the manner of all elite groups. This is fairly surprising, seeing that the Force seems to be comprised of the type that enjoys driving at high speeds and finds amusement in danger.

“As far as we can figure, the Motor Vipers don´t get paid any better than the Ground-Vipers or Sea-Vipers, nor do they receive any special privileges or benefits. They have their own distinctive uniform but it´s no flashier then the rest. Why then, would a Cobra volunteer for such an obviously hazardous duty unless it was the danger itself that appealed to him?”



No Accessories