Ice Viper

Code Name: Ice Viper

Cobra Wolf Driver

Ice Vipers are the mechanised branch of the Snow Serpents, both of which must first qualify as Cobra Eels (Cobra frogmen). They must take the additional training of Techno-Vipers and be prepared to service and repair their own vehicles in hostile Arctic environments. Ice Vipers are fed a special high-fat diet to help retain body heat and have their faces depilated to prevent frost from their breath icing up their beards.

“When its 40 degrees below zero on the tundra and everybody is buttoned up tight in their shelter because an ice storm is blowing in from the north, that´s when you have to worry about the Ice Viper sneaking up on you. Out there in the big whiteness, there isn´t any place to hide. Whoever bundles up first because he figures it´s too cold to fight, loses!”



Grey helmet
2 x silver sais