Code Name: Decimator

Cobra Hammerhead Driver

Cobra Island is surrounded by open beaches which are, at the very least, hostile environments for tanks of any sort. The Hammerhead was specifically developed to function in shallow coastal waters, sand and scrub vegetation. Sacrificing heavy armor protection for speed and agility, the Hammerhead requires a driver with lightning fast reflexes and exceptional peripheral vision.

“The wide-angle, image-intensifier unit built into the Decimator’s helmet offers him a 180° view in almost complete darkness. The image he sees is compressed in the same manner used for wide-screen movie titles when they are shown on TV. In essence, he can keep the target in front of him at all times and get a perfectly clear shot at it without even turning his head. This is extremely advantageous when fighting a speeding vehicle on a flat beach!”



Grey helmet
Dark grey speargun
(not shown here)