Crimson Guard v5 – Operation Crimson Sabotage

Code Name: Crimson Guard

Cobra Elite Trooper

The Crimson Guard troopers are elite shock troops of the Cobra legions. Each must hold a degree in either law or accounting as well as being in top physical condition. After rigorous training in Cobra combat and tactics, each “Siegie” undergoes plastic surgery (performed by the Cobra surgeon Scalpel) so that each trooper will look similar. Afterwards, each is given their new assignment: a new life, in a new city. Crimson Guard troops are too precious to be wasted on the conventional battlefield and are instead expected to become valued members of the community, to climb the political and corporate ladder into positions of importance. Forming this force is thought to be one of the first actions of Cobra Commander after he formed Cobra; The “Siegie” network may have been in place already for more than 10 years. At least two, and perhaps mode, prominent members of congress (and dozens of lobbyists) are rumored to be “Siegies” in deep undercover. Watch out. That town mayor of yours might just have a red uniform hanging in his closet!




Red helmet
Black shotgun