Cobra Stinger Driver

Code Name: Cobra Stinger Driver

File Name: Unknown

Primary Military Speciality: Stinger Driver, Infantry

Secondary Military Speciality: Artillery, Intelligence

Birthplace: Various Countries

Grade: O4 (or equivalent)

Cobra Officers are front-line fighters who lead Cobra attack units into battle. Many are also believed to be operating as spies at defence plants, nuclear power facilities etc. All are martial arts experts, master of disguise, deceit, and demolitions. Graduated; Cobra Stinger DriverĀ“s School. Qualified Expert: AK-47 Assault Rifle; PM-63 Machine Pistol; M-16; Ingram M-11 Sub-machine gun.

“Cobra Officers are dedicated to destroying Action Force and the free way of life. Beware…they are extremely dangerous enemies!”



No Accessories