Cobra H.I.S.S. Driver

Code Name: The Enemy

Cobra H.I.S.S. Driver

File Name: (Unknown)

Primary Military Speciality: H.I.S.S. Driver

Secondary Military Speciality: Mechanical & Electrical Systems

Birthplace: Various Countries

Grade: O5

Cobra H.I.S.S. drivers are selected from the best and most evil of Cobra Command´s thousands of yearly recruits. Each is chosen for his physical strength and total dedication to evil! H.I.S.S. drivers are graduates of: Cobra Battle School, Advanced Weapons Systems Training. Qualified Experts: H.I.S.S. Vehicle, F.A.N.G. Copter, knowledge of all NATO and G.I. Joe weapons.

Cobra H.I.S.S. drivers are committed to the destruction of G.I. Joe! This newly developed battle vehicle is a real match for the G.I. Joe team. Beware!



No Accessories