Code Name: Aero-Viper

Condor Z-25 Pilot

The Condor is Cobra´s entry in the advanced technology aircraft scene. Using its forward swept, aerolastic wings, and computer driven servo-actuators, the Condor can perform a turning radius roughly half that of an F-16, and can generate enough g-force pressure that would blackout most pilots. Of course, most Cobra pilots aren´t ordinary pilots.

“Aero-Vipers aren´t surgically altered to withstand g-forces like the Strato-Vipers and Star-Vipers. They lift weights and learn to take the pain. Aero-Vipers want to feel the stress on their bodies as they wrench their Condors through seemingly impossible maneuvers. So intense is their daily schedule, that they frequently report of recurrent dreams involving flying without benefit of an aircraft!”



Gold helmet