Code Name: A.V.A.C.

Cobra Terror Drome Firebat Pilot

Piloting a Firebat is somewhat akin to strapping yourself onto a cannonball. The cockpit is cramped by any standard and utterly lacking in even the kindest amenities. No engine status display, no weather instruments, no navigation aids , and no ejection seat. Just the basic flight panel, throttle, pedals, and stick. But after the initial high-G´s of vertical takeoff, the Firebat levels out to being the fastest, most responsive single-seat fighter in the Cobra arsenal.

“A.V.A.C. pilots are drawn from the Air Viper pool. They must be capable of complex mental calculations to make up for lack of on-board computers and absolutely fearless to cope with the Firebat´s basic unforgiving nature. The aircraft is not what you would call user-friendly. Surprisingly, there is no lack of recruits for the program. All the best fighter-jocks want to ride on the ´Pocket Rocket´.”



Black parachute pack