Low-Light – S.W.A.T. 3-pack

Code Name: Low-Light

S.W.A.T. Sharpshooter

File Name: MacBride, Cooper G.

Primary Military Speciality: Marksmanship Instructor

Secondary Military Speciality: Infantryman 11B)

Birthplace: Crosby, North Dakota

Grade: E-6

Following a troubled youth, which rumors say culminated in being abandoned in a junkyard at night, armed only with a simple .22 rifle, Low-Light not only conquered his fears but embraced them. He became one with the darkness and further turned his abusive past into a drive to right wrongs – permanently. He is an expert in virtually every long range rifle, from the standard M24 or M40A3, to the vehicle-stopping .50 caliber M107 SASR (Special Applications Scoped Rifle) with a range of over a mile. He is also a master of field craft skills, and is constantly calculating terrain, props, ballistics, distance, and weather effects – even when unarmed. He is also that rare exception to the two-man rule which usually requires both a shooter and spotter. Low-Light´s years of honing his trade eliminated the need for a second man – likely because he also prefers to work alone. His fellow Joes would rib him for having no social life, if they weren´t afraid of seeing his laser scope pointed on them.

After many local police agents disappeared investigating a mysterious factory in Eastern Asia, the G.I. Joe CID (Criminal Investigation Division) Commander suspects Cobra involvement and deploys a team of S.W.A.T. (Special Weapons and Tactics) experts. Low-Light gets the call and packs his gear for the mission. But, what can even the best sharpshooter do when the enemy is bulletproof?

“I seize the day and own the night.”




Green backpack
Grey rifle
Grey rifle bipod
Grey submachine gun