Long Arm – S.W.A.T. 3-pack

Code Name: Long Arm

S.W.A.T. Bomb Technician

File Name: Mangiaratti, Thomas P.

Primary Military Speciality: Bomb Disposal Robotic Systems Operator

Secondary Military Speciality: Explosive Ordnance Disposal Specialist (89D)

Birthplace: Boulder Creek, California

Grade: E-5

Long Arm is responsible for the identification and disposal of enemy munitions and explosive devices. Because of the danger of this job, he always wears a specialized suit of flexible yet protective body armor, consisting of materials resistant to flame, heat, fragmentation, ballistics, over-pressure and impact, even biological and chemical threats. In short, he wears the most expensive disposal uniform in the G.I. Joe arsenal. He also carries a detection kit with the latest dismantling tools and eletronic jammers for Improved Explosive Device (IEDs), and is well trained in Close Quarter Battle tactics.

Long Arm often employs a bomb disposal robot to protect himself and his teammates. These RCRV, or Remotely Controlled Robotic Vehicles, are outfitted with cameras, microphones, and sensors for detection and avoidance of chemical or biological agents; specialized arms for rapid disablement of IEDs and booby traps; and tactical disrupters to provide minimal risk of collateral damage to innocent civilians as well as the G.I. Joe team. But, can all this high-tech gear protect him from an enemy that IS the explosive device?

“If you see me running…something is about to go BOOM!”




Grey suitcase
Grey submachine gun
Green helmet
Green remote vehicle