Bullhorn – S.W.A.T R.T.V. Set

Code Name: Bullhorn

S.W.A.T. Vehicle Driver

File Name: Ferreira, Stephan A.

Primary Military Speciality: Tactical Intervention Specialist

Secondary Military Speciality: Motor Transport Operator (88M)

Birthplace: Providence, Rhode Island

Grade: E-5

Bullhorn is the crisis negotiator and tactical intervention specialist for the G.I. Joe Special Weapons and Tactics team. Prior to enlistment, he was a Practical Shooting Champion and hand-to-hand combat instructor at the F.B.I. Academy in Quantico, Virginia. Although a highly skilled fighter, he is an extremely calm individual, possessing an open and compassionate personality. This makes him exactly the type of person needed to negotiate with psychopaths and fanatics who have an axe to grind with society. Of course, that same steely coolness also comes in handy when he is forced to take decisive action that requires an accurate and lethal delivery of firepower!

Bullhorn´s primary function is to resolve high-risk situations with a minimum loss of life, injury or property damage, by neutralizing threats that are a clear and present danger. He is usually able to defuse a situation through verbal communication, but even with a completely unreasonable target he is often able to finesse them enough to let their guard down – just long enough for a sharpshooter or assault team to disarm the threat. On the flip side, he gets completely wild behind the wheel of his assigned S.W.A.T. vehicle, a necessity if he wants to get to the area of operations before the shooting starts. But, what good are negotiation skills against an adversary that does not reason, but is programmed?

“They say talk is cheap, but I can make it worth your life!”




Black backpack
Grey 3-piece rifle
Grey rifle
Grey bullhorn (2-part)