Headhunter Drivers
– 2008 Convention hand-out

Code Name: Headhunter Drivers

Headhunter Vehicle Operators

File Name: Various

Primary Military Speciality: Armored Vehicle Driver

Secondary Military Speciality: Demolitions

Birthplace: Various Countries

Like their infantry-based compatriots, the Headhunter Drivers are expected to be highly skilled street warriors and personal bodyguards to Gristle. But these selected to be the Crime Boss´s chaufeurs are further expected to be experts in whatever civilian or military vehicle they scrounge up from whatever obscure locale they currently infest. They have been known to use discarded Cobra assault vehicles, stolen G.I. Joe transports, or even custom craft they cobbled together themselves. All they really need is a working engine, some armor plating and the addition of a few big guns to get them on the movc.

Headhunter Drivers know they will not just be carrying their illegal materials or transporting their fellow troops. Eventually someone will stumble onto their operation, and those same convayances have to quickly become escape craft.

“Driving Gristle around is a sweet gig – he always wants something blown up, or someone driven over, just for kicks!”




Orange demolition pack
Silver/brown revolver
Silver/brown shotgun