Cobra Sky B.A.T.
– 2008 Convention Hand-out

Code Name: Cobra Sky B.A.T.

(Battle Android Trooper)

“B.A.T.s Attack!”

Cobra Sky B.A.T. forces are the robotic infantry of the Cobra organization. With the B.A.T. version 5.0, Over Kill has upgraded them to ionic gas canisters that increase both the strength and speed of his creations. Their interchangeable weapon enhancements include rocket launchers with smart technology to lock onto targets not in line of their operational sensors. Vertical Assault Packs can attach to their backs and interface with their central processors to achieve complex aerial maneuvers. Most dangerous of them all, if they are blown apart, their separate parts have the capability to rejoin into monstrous new formations to continue the battle.

Adding the Vertical Assault Packs to his army of Battle Android Troopers is getting expensive. In an attempt to reduce production costs and keep Over Kill´s creations from out-numbering his human soldiers, Cobra Commander has taken a consignment of Sky B.A.T.s and had parachute packs strapped onto their frame. His plan is to load them onto a Cobra transport and toss them out the back of the aircraft while over G.I. Joe Headquarters…maybe the chutes will open or maybe they won´t!




Blue/Red backpack
Silver parachute w/strings